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Adventurers Wanted

Do you dream about finding a place where you can do the best work of your life? Where you can change the course of an industry? Develop technologies that will benefit billions of people?

At Exo, adventurers are exactly who we seek. Here, you’ll work alongside entrepreneurs, toolmakers, product engineers, material scientists, and sought-after programmers. You’ll contribute to our pioneering efforts to solve the most difficult physics, engineering, and software challenges in medical imaging. Above all, you’ll be part of a remarkable journey that aims to positively impact global healthcare for generations to come.


We are too. Start the journey today by checking out our current open opportunities.





Guiding Principles


Above all focus on simplicity. We strive relentlessly to simplify processes, features, communications, products and services. Simplicity is not simplistic. It takes thought and care. It is about making thoughtful and often complex decisions that make life for our customers, co-workers, vendors, and partners a little easier. Simplicity requires constant improvement and hard work.


There’s nothing we really need to do that isn’t dangerous. Mistakes are inevitable in pioneering work. They are also a good opportunity for us to grow as people and as an organization.  Communicate your mistakes like you communicate your successes. Be open, honest and ethical.


Take ownership and deliver. Sometimes tasks may seem daunting, resources meagre or deadlines impossible. Learn to lean on the team and ask for help. Focus makes the implausible possible.

Teamwork ­

Work as an interdisciplinary team. At Exo, we share the common mission of improving health for everyone around the world. Every one of your co- workers is an expert in their field. As part of a team we look out for one another. Communicate openly and frequently and be involved as part of a larger team.

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