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About Us
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Welcome to the revolution…

Medical Imaging for all — it’s a clarion call for change that grows louder every day.

It comes from patients … seeking greater access to imaging that will help them live healthier lives.

It comes from families … seeking answers on why their child is sick.

It comes from the expectant mother … wanting to monitor the health of her unborn baby.

It comes from healthcare professionals too … providers on the front lines of care delivery who have long sought tools that are simpler and affordable and fit in their pocket.  

At Exo, we are transforming the economics, usability and accessibility of medical imaging.

Harnessing decades of experience in medical electronics, material science, and semiconductor engineering, our team is developing a performance ultrasound platform and artificial intelligence (AI) for imaging and therapeutic applications.

Our Performance Ultrasound Platform represents a giant leap in imaging and therapeutics technology — one that will drive the development of high-performance products that are accessible, easy-to-use, and available at a price point never before possible.

We believe technology this powerful should be utilized by others as well. That’s why we are partnering with leading companies so they can leverage our platform across a broad range of diagnostic applications – from tomography machines, wearable devices, and much more.

The revolution in medical imaging has begun…

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