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Deep Learning / Computer Vision Engineer

Department: A.I.


Job Location: Chicago Area, IL 

Job Summary:

  • Cutting-edge research & development of new algorithms based on deep learning / computer vision / image analysis 

  • Work as a part of a team to develop practical end-to-end solutions to complex problems

  • Develop, evaluate, validate and document models and algorithms and prepare them for the production team

  • Continuous learning of real-world applications and new techniques to allow you to create state-of-the-art solutions that work


Job Responsibilities (including but not limited to):


  • Write deep learning / computer vision code

  • Train, validate, test deep learning / computer vision algorithms

  • Write documentation (for code, requirements, verification and validation)

  • Work with software team to transition code to production environment

  • Become familiar with ultrasound and other application-specific technical issues


Education/Experience Requirements:


  • BS, MS or PhD in computer science, engineering, math, or related discipline

  • Strong coding skills, preferably with software development experience

  • Experience with deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow and Keras


If interested, please send resume and cover letter to

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